«THE RINCON model» Singlefin surfboard by McTavish.

The Rincon is one of the most popular models slipping out the door of our new Byron headquarters showroom. How come so well appreciated and admired by so many happy wave sliders?

Well, the Rincon satisfies the needs of so many Aussies: An easy paddling, easy wave catching midlength. A board that will handle one-foot dribble all the way to powerful lined-up points at double-overhead. A board you can stuff into the passenger seat, and lock inside your chosen set of wheels. How did the Rincon get born to fill those needs?

Fifty years ago the Shortboard Revolution kicked off in Sydney, Australia. The standard everyday surfboard plunged in length from 9’6 down to 6 feet in two years, globally. A true Phenomenon. That first year, 1967, the shapes revolved heavily around stubby full templates and vee bottoms, as we shapers cautiously tried to maintain paddling volume. But by January of ’68, we realised knee paddling was over, and Hawaiian inspired templates with full but pointed noses were far more aesthetic and functional. Hence I spent six wonderful weeks at Rincon in California perfecting the shape, riding an endless long rides from way out on the Indicator all the way through to the beach.

The Rincon shape performed so well that it revolutionised the Californian surfboard industry almost overnight. Old clunky longboards were dumped. Speed and carving were in.

The Rincon today is the act same outline template, the same low rocker, and the same small rounded rails, the same sweet specially designed fin. A true honey from sixty-eight, still sweet and perfect in 2017! – Bob McTavish

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